Fratelli Billo Salumificio - Production of high-quality cured meats in the heart of Monte Grappa (Vicenza)

High-quality cured meats in the heart of Monte Grappa (VI)


Quality is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we select only the finest raw materials for our products. We believe that to offer the best, we must demand the same level of excellence from the ingredients we use.

The pursuite of flawor,
with Italian quality.

Preparazione dei Salumi


is the level of care and attention we invest in our work every day. We strive to differentiate ourselves in the market with natural and genuine products. Delicious for the palate, healthy for our bodies.

Icone Supermercato


That’s the number of years our company has been in business. We are committed to preserving our artisan roots while implementing production processes according to the latest and most innovative standards. Our journey is not a destination but a significant milestone.

Icona Pianta
Servizio di Salumi
Allevamento di Mucche al Aperto


Zero is the number that best represents us. Zero forcefulness: the meat is always processed fresh, respecting natural aging rhythms. Zero additions of flours, milk, gluten, or colorants: preservatives are used minimally, only in products where strictly necessary.

Icone Salume


It’s the recipes and preparation techniques that make our cured meats irresistible with every bite.

When we create a new product, we strive to best satisfy our consumers by listening to their requests and engaging in dialogue.

We carefully select the cuts of meat, spices, and herbs to use, allowing time and the natural evolution of the seasons to impart a unique and authentic flavor to our products.

Logo Fratelli Billo Bianco

Tradition in favor of craftsmanship,
technology in favor of health


We source only from selected farms that comply with regulations, committed to treating animals in accordance with their fundamental needs.

Our choice is ethical, ensuring both a healthy and traceable product.